Maschine Scene Selector

If you have any trouble setting up, please contact me at

The first thing you will need to make sure is that both, your smartphone and your computer/laptop are in the same network.
Example: Your phone is connected to your router via WiFi(WLAN) and your PC is connected to your router via LAN or WiFi(WLAN).

Step 0:
If you use Windows 10, please follow the the Windows 10 instructions.
Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8: please continue here:

You need to download and install an additional driver available at The download button is located top right on the page ("download rtpMIDI").

Step 1:
Download the app to your phone. Select: (iOS / Android)

Step 2:
MAC: Search in spotlight for "Audio MIDI Setup" and click it

Press command+2 or go to "Window" > "Show MIDI Window"

Double-click "Network"

Step 3:
Create a new session by clicking on the +

I called mine "phone session"
All the devices in your network that are currently running the app will appear in the device directory with their corresponding IP addresses. Think of it as a phone book with phone numbers
Select the device you want to connect with and click "Connect"

Your device should appear on the right next to "Participants".

Step 4:
If you now tap some buttons on your screen and you see red bars appearing in the latency bar or a yellow bar above the '1000', YOU ARE CONNECTED! :)

Step 5:
You can use this app with every DAW that supports MIDI, but it is intended to be used with Maschine in the following way:

Open up the Maschine sequencer and open up the Audio and MIDI Settings.
In the MIDI tab, set the session you created on "On" and confirm with "OK"

Close the settings and find the gear icon in the transport control panel. Enter "MIDI Scene Change" and set the source to your session. Set the type to Program Change and the channel to Ch. 1 - just as I did in the screenshot.

That's all! You are ready to go, I hope you'll enjoy this little piece of software. Maybe you wanna include the scene MIDI setting in your default project so you don't have to set it up manually every time.

Runs on Android and iOS, is compatible to Windows and Mac OSX