On some devices the drivers need to be initialized first. You can do this by restarting both your mobile device and your PC. Then you launch the app again.

Are you sure you selected the right mapping/MIDI Remote Script? Also, make sure that you set the MIDI in/outputs for these in the way I described in the instructions. Update your software to the most recent version and stop using cracks.

Try moving closer to the router or set up a Wifi hotspot from another device. Old Android devices are great for this but if you use my app on an iOS device you can just host a hotsport directly on there. I am working on an MIDI over USB implementation.

If you don't have any experience with MIDI and you can't follow the instructions just drop me a mail. Contact me at mss.geoteach@gmail.com and I will personally guide you.
Please include:
- the app name
- the name of the operating system you are using (both phone and computer OS)
- which step of the instructions you have problems with