Mappings are required to teach Traktor and VDJ how to handle the app's controls. I will update them regularly so make sure to follow my Facebook to get notified whenever there is a new version.

If you use Safari or an outdated browser, you have to right-click the file and then hit "Download Linked File" / "Save As" -> .tsi (Traktor) or .xml (Virtual DJ) if the download isn't working.

Virtual DJ

Old mappings:

Android downloaded after 26th of March 2017, iOS downloaded after 30th of March 2017:


If you haven't done so already, open up Traktor and click the gear icon     after downloading the files.
In the Controller Manager click on Add... > Import TSI > Import Other... as shown in the screenshot.

Navigate to your download location and select one of the mappings you've just downloaded. Set the In-Port and Out-Port to the MIDI session you created for your phone and then do the same with the other mapping.
If the mappings do not appear in the Controller Manager, update Traktor.
Now, as soon as you hit some buttons in the app, Traktor should give feedback and vice versa. Have fun :)